// Reflection Collection

A series of interior objects that invites you to look at yourself from a different perspective. Functional art pieces designed to handle with care and consciousness and produced in a limited edition.

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// Standing Reflection

A hybrid ladder that gives you a hand in trying on - and seeing - your clothes.


 // Material

Faceted mirror, oak, stainless steel


 // Dimensions

L 650 x W 1200 x H 2180 mm

// Reflection Light

A series of light objects that are switched on by turning a massif allen key.


 // Dimensions

#01: 840 x 800 x 600 mm

#02: 930 x 700 x 680 mm


#03: 830 x 1200 x 830 mm


 // Material

Faceted mirror glass, etched glass, stainless steel, allen key (switch)


 // Type of light

LED 110V – 220V


// Reflection Chair

A series of chairs that make you think twice before you take a seat.


 // Dimensions

Seat height: 450 mm

Seat depth: 450 mm

Total height: 830 mm


 // Material

Faceted mirror glass, oak, stainless steel 

Photo's by Don van Hout