LUCAS & LUCAS // About us

Lucas & Lucas

Sander Lucas and Marijke Lucas are both graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven. Sander works for his own collection, designs and sets up exhibitions (for i.e. Design Academy Eindhoven and the Technical University of Eindhoven) and coaches design students. Marijke was senior graphic designer at ELLE Decoration for a long time: ‘Although I loved my job, at the end of 2012 I felt it was time for a change, so I decided to start a new business with my favorite designer Sander Lucas, who also happened to be my husband.’ A product designer and a graphic designer, a design duo that takes on everything: Product design, graphic design & illustration, art direction, exhibition design, interior design, project management & coordination and more.


How we work

Graphic designer Marijke Lucas and product designer Sander Lucas are LUCAS & LUCAS, a Dutch design duo that is inspired by objects from everyday life. By adjusting, adding and combining, they create new products and finish them with a special eye for detail.  L&L: ‘We are collectors. Quirky things we find at unusual places  inspire us. We love to combine materials and objects that don’t match at first glance. We like to create something new, something unusual. Written off products and objets trouvés are often the starting points of our design process. The story that these objects carry with them inspires us to create new products with a character of its own.’


Design Loves You

In 2014 Lucas en Lucas launched 

Design Loves You, a tribute to all the great designers of the world.

From the desire to share their passion for classic design pieces, they created a collection of design merchandise for designfans.

The concept of wearing a T-shirt of your favorite band to show that you are a fan, fitted perfectly to our idea.

The collection of Design Loves You includes t-shirts, brooches, necklaces, silkscreen printed posters and decorative pillows. All for sale online at and partly for sale off line in various (museum)shops such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Design Museum in London, the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau and the Thonet Museum In Frankenberg.