// Jagged Reflection

The mirror symbolizes the concept of self-reflection. Who are you looking at, if you look in the mirror? The scratches in the mirror represent the idea that you cannot look at yourself without prejudice. The light that shines through the thin lines, interacts with your presence, and invites you to come closer to take a good look at yourself.

Are you interested to add a mirror from the Jagged Reflection series to your collection?

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 // Dimensions 

Portait: 63,5 x 132,5 x 8 cm

Landscape: 132,5 x 63,5 x 8 cm

Square 01: 63,5 x 63,5 x 8 cm

Square 02: 63,5 x 63,5 x 8 cm


 // Material 

Oak, mirror glass, LED light panel, metal power switch, grey fabric cable


 // Limited editions 

All mirrors are edited by hand and therefore unique. There are various possible combinations.

The mirrors can be edited upon request.