// DESIGN UNITED & 4TU - TILT-SHIFT: Reframing Futures

TILT-SHIFT: Reframing Futures  

___ Exhibition design for Design United / 4TU

Dutch Design Week 2019
Design United @ Klokgebouw 
Design is a powerful tool – increasingly used to shape the future. With this power, comes a responsibility for designers to work together. To unite. To better understand and respond to a rapidly evolving world. Design United does just this. As a 4TU Research Centre, it connects technologically advanced design research at TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, the University of Twente and Wageningen University & Research. 
You can sense it in the air: our world is shifting. As new meanings emerge in our lives, our knowledge must adapt and evolve with us. What makes design research different from scientific research, and why does this type of investigation specifically belong in the high-intensity Research & Development environment of a technical university?


During Dutch Design Week 2019, Design United represented design at the intersection of advanced scientific research, fast-moving emerging technologies, and the shifting needs and dreams of our future societies.


Commissioned by Design United and in collaboration with Mark van der Gronden, we designed and realized the exhibition TILT-SHIFT, Reframing Futures. The entire visual identity, presentation and graphics were designed by us as a team.




Photo's by Kim Pattiruhu

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