// LUCAS & LUCAS - Dutch Design Week 2019

Out of the Ordinary by LUCAS & LUCAS  

___ A tribute to the ordinary and archetypical
DDW19: ‘If not NOW, then WHEN?’

LUCAS & LUCAS: ‘Everything we need is already here, NOW!’


During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven this year, we payed tribute to ordinary and archetypical objects. Things that support us in everything we do, but that we have come to take for granted.


As designers we all like to create objects that leave an impression. But instead of showing new designs that are big and bold, we put a spotlight on the ordinary necessities of life. Things that we take for granted, but which are very important for determining the way we understand and shape the world.


With the installation ‘Out of the Ordinary’ we shared how we find inspiration in the things that surround us in everyday life. By creating a stage for these objects, we revalued them and showed that they support us in everything we do.


We would like to thank everyone who visited our exhibition at PLAN-B. It was a very special edition of the Dutch Design Week for us. Instead of displaying newly designed products, we chose to show autonomous work, inviting our visitors to look to the world through our eyes and see the beauty in all things ordinary.




Photo's by Kim Pattiruhu

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